Wiki News:Manual of Style

We want to balance the quality of content presented in the newsletter and help our writers improve their writing skills. To do so, we must have a base standard for the content allowed in this newsletter.

If you are unsure about anything concerning the newsletter or its guidelines, feel free to contact the Wiki News Staff. We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Basic Formatting:

We strive to release the best issues each month, which means having well-formatted articles. While the core staff members do edit sections with formatting errors, all writers are expected to do their best to maintain their own section quality before sending them in. To properly format your section to match the standards, we advise you to:

  • Use appropriate grammar and spelling. If English is your first language, there should be no excuse for a cluttered mess of an article. Sections should be easy to follow and understand, so you should do your best to punctuate sentences, space out paragraphs, and spell words correctly and to double check to ensure proper flow.
    • If English is not your first language, feel free to ask a staff member to be an editor for you. Provided your sections aren't too incomprehensible, they are obliged to assist you.
  • Wiki code. Most articles only use the most basic of Wiki coding, so we want writers to code their sections appropriately. This means sections should not be formatted using forum formatting. This page provides a simple explanation of basic wiki formatting.
  • For any images you may use in your section, please upload them externally and send the link to the Supervisor. The Supervisor will upload to the wiki the images when the issue is released. Do not upload images to the wiki before the issue is released.


While we encourage our readers to follow our guidelines on number formatting, we consider them just that; suggestions that don't necessarily need to be followed 100%.

  • Single-digit numbers (one through nine) should be spelled out as words rather than as numerals. So instead of typing 4 or 8, you would type four or eight.
  • Any numbers that are mutually associated with a specific topic within the article should be written out consistently, e.g. “She had ten PokeDiamonds, then used one and was left with nine,” as opposed to “She had 10 PokeDiamonds, then used one and was left with 9.”
  • If two numbers are written next to each, one should be written as a word and the other as a numeral, e.g. “ten 10-year old dogs,” as opposed to “10 10-year old dogs.”
  • If a sentence begins with a number, that number should be written out as a word rather than as a numeral.

Strong Content:

Strong Content is defined as any material seen as potentially offensive to any person or group of persons, such as swearing, crude humour, spoilers, sexual references, and other such terms. The paper is against the use of strong content in the newsletter, so we have guidelines to ensure our writers don't use them.

  • We do not allow the usage of swear words.
    • Quotes, song lyrics, poetry and the like are exceptions to this rule.
  • Sexual references are not acceptable within the same boundaries as swear words as illustrated above.
  • Slurs of any kind will NOT be accepted in any way or form in this newsletter, and any submitted sections found to use any discriminatory labels or jokes will be rejected immediately. If you are unclear on what constitutes a slur, inquire with a staff member prior to submitting your section.